Danish Day is a unique event on the education market and is part of the European Education Fair.

The aim of Danish Day is to promote Denmark as a study destination and to inform non-Danish students about the study programmes available in Danish higher education institutions. The main objective of Danish Day is to bring together into a constructive dialogue different parties involved or interested in Denmark as a study destination: representatives of Danish higher education institutions, prospective students, parents, teachers, school officials and mass media representatives. Non-Danish students will get the opportunity to discuss face-to-face with representatives of the Danish universities, which will enable them access to first-hand information on important topics like study environment, accommodation, living costs, internships, access to the professional market.

Danish Day will provide participants, regardless of their intent to study abroad or in their home countries, with the opportunity of taking a free English test, where necessay, which will help get an objective evaluation of the level of English. The test takes an hour and contains two sections: grammar and listening. Registration for the free testing will be made available on the website a couple of days prior to the events.